How to Wipe All Data from Lost Laptop/Computer [Remotely]

Hello guys, today in this article I’m going to discuss about very important security tips which helps you to remote wipe windows 10 laptop private data from a laptop you lost remotely. In today generation every one have their personal laptop, tablets and mobile phones which contains your personal data, pictures, video clips, etc. which can be miss used after someone lost his/her device so we must remotely wipe laptop if stolen. Checkout previously shared articles on How to Install Phoenix OS on your PC? and How to Protect Yourself from the deadly Ransomware Virus?

When someone lost his/her laptop one thing comes in mind that what should he/she do now and become helpless if he/she did not get any remote wipe laptop software to remote wipe PC. In that case, there is a huge chance of miss use your private data and personal details because it is easily exposed to someone else. So, you must use any remote computer wipe software to format hard drive remotely. Checkout SMS Bomber – Text Message Bomber For Prank with Your Friends and Spotify Premium Apk.

If you don’t want to let someone to miss use your private data and personal details then read the given instructions carefully on how to wipe out data from lost laptop remotely so that you can easily and remotely wipe windows laptop or format hard drive remotely. Have a look on latest version of GB WhatsApp, download it for having 2 whatsapp in one android and trick to create a WhatsApp Account with US Number. This process is done through The LaptopLock which allows you to do the following things:

  • Delete files (secure data wiping now available)
  • Full-disk encrypt
  • Show a message to the user
  • Execute a program
  • Play a sound
  • Visible or hidden from user

Have a look on:-

How to Wipe Data from Windows Laptop/Computer ?

In this post, you can know the steps to Wipe Data Remotely from Lost Laptop/Computer. Once my windows 10 laptop stolen and I used this is free laptop tracking software which track my laptop online to find my device windows 10 and remote wipe windows 10 laptop. This method work immediately when your laptop get connected to the Internet. Checkout Best Way to Unblock Facebook Restriction At Schools and how to Create Unlimited Facebook Accounts Without Mobile Numbers.

how to track a stolen laptop with serial number

How does it work ?

If your laptop is got stolen, you should login into your account and then mark the computer/laptop status as Stolen then this site used its laptop tracking hardware through laptop tracker gps. After that, as soon as your device connect to internet, the actions you set during setup will be executed. Checkout how to take Picture of Person when they try to Unlock Your Phone

and Enter Wrong Pattern or Password and Facebook Premium Social Toolkit for Free. The LaptopLock will also try to locate as much as possible about the connection to help in recovery of the device as well. The LaptopLock does not monitor or record user action/data. It also don’t allow anyone to access your Laptop or Data. It only execute the action taken by the user previously that  user has pre-programmed with it. Have a look on How to Send Fake Location on WhatsApp with Android or iPhone Devices and How to Make Fake WhatsApp Conversation.

What if there is no Internet Connection ?

If The LaptopLock unable to connect to the Internet, it could ask user to verify their identity by asking for a password . This option should be set during the installation and depends on how visible LaptopLock’s presence is ? Checkout top 100 Ping Submission Sites For Faster Indexing of 2017 and How to Use iAPCrazy for Free In-App Purchases.


Steps to Wipe A Laptop Data [Remotely]:

  • Go to this website The LaptopLock & Signup.
  • After that login into your account, then you have to add your laptop/computer to your account.

windows 10 laptop stolen

  • After adding your device, note down its Computer ID.
  • Now Download The LaptopLock and install it.

how to track a stolen laptop without tracking software

  • After installation open The LaptopLock software in your laptop and Enter the required details like Email, Computer ID and Password and then Save it.

bitlocker remote wipe

  • Now go to Security > Manage Security Plans from the given menu option.
  • Now you have to Add Files/Folders containing Private Data and Personal Details that you want to delete and encrypt separately.

remote computer wipe software

  • Setup part is over. Now whenever you Lost your Laptop, you have to login to the website The LaptopLock and mark your Laptop status as Stolen.

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That,s all guys, this is the way through which you can protect your data from misuse and safeguard yourself from danger. Never disclose your login details to anyone because it may put your data into danger. Thanks for visiting and stay connected for more updates. Subscribe to our website to get notification of latest post and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google+ and Tumblr.

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