How to Protect Yourself from the deadly Ransomware Virus?

Prevent Ransomware Virus Attack

Hello Guys, today in this article I’m going to discuss about Ransomware in detail. I’ll aware you from its working mechanism that how does ransomware work, tell you the easiest ways to protect yourself from ransomware virus, how to recover your ransomware decrypt files if already attacked by ransomware attacks and How do I get rid of ransomware? using some awesome ransomware removal tool. Previously I shared Spotify Premium Apk and how to Install Dolby Atmos on any android.

A new Ransomeware has been identified by many countries in Asia, Europe and America which is known as Wannacry Ransomware. Ransomware definition is a type of Encrypting Ransomware that target the files of computer and encrypt immediately so that you can’t access that files. If you are already under attack then you can use the solution given in this article to prevent yourself from ransomware cerber by Encrypting Ransomware. The rate of ransomware virus attack is increasing day by day with the new coding technologies.  Checkout SMS Bomber – Text Message Bomber For Prank with Your Friends. Ransomware is the latest and the biggest threat of the internet browsers. It is a virus spreading rapidly and becoming computer nightmares these days. So, lets discuss all one by one that what exactly is this Ransomware? and How do I protect myself from ransomware? Have a look on latest version of GB WhatsApp, download it for having 2 whatsapp in one android and trick to create a WhatsApp Account with US Number.

ransomware cryptolocker

What is Ransomware?

As it is named Ransomware, it has something  to do with Ransom. So, what is Ransom? – Ransom is a amount demanded by to release the kidnapped person by a kidnapper. Similarly, “Ransomware is a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid to get access.” And above that, this virus is hard to defend. Yes, I’m serious! Ransomware Virus will completely lock and block access to your computer and the virus is coded in a way to attack the system and takes complete control immediately over it. What is more dangerous about it? Once it take down your computer and infect your system, it is powerful enough that even a powerful trend micro anti-ransomware can’t recover the your files, just they can only remove the virus file, they don’t encrypt ransomware. Also read How to Replace Kingroot with SuperSu Easily

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Basically, there is almost no ransomware decrypt tool available to regain ransomware encrypted files from ransomware cryptolocker other than paying the demanding money. Remember on thing I said “Almost” , because there are some ways by which you can recover your encrypted files but it does not guarantee that it will recover 100% of your encrypted files. Have a look on How to Hide WhatsApp Images & Videos From Gallery in Android or iPhone. I guess till now we have an idea about Ransomware Definition and understood how fatal it can be. So, if you have your all important data inside your computer and don’t have any backup, then it is like a nightmare if you face Ransomware Malware Attack. No matter how hard you scream by this nightmare, nobody can help you to get out of this ransomware trap. Checkout Best Way to Unblock Facebook Restriction At Schools and how to Create Unlimited Facebook Accounts Without Mobile Numbers.

Checkout this video to know how does a computer get infected by ransomware:

Some Frequently Asked Questions Related to Ransom:

Is Paying Ransom a Solution?

Basically the answer is a big NO, but this might become necessary for someone who has some valuable documents inside their computer and they want them immediately, then they may want to spend the money desperately for getting their valuable documents instantly.

Is Paying the Ransom safe?

Again the answer is big NO, there are few reasons behind this:

  • It is totally unethical and illegal to pay them money because indirectly you are supporting them and encouraging them who are taking the money and you may get involved into cyber crime.
  • The sum of money is above your expectations because most of the ransomware attack asks for payments in Bitcoins, which is the universal anonymous currency where you just transfer money using the bitcoin address without knowing the details of other party. The amount of ransom is unpredictable it may be 100$ or 1000$ or even more.
  • Even after paying the money to them somehow and getting the access back, there is no guarantee at all that they keep their word and provide you the access because it is malware which is controlled by them and they hold the power to do anything they want. If they give you access their no guarantee that they don’t capture you again.

Hence, paying the ransom is not at all a clever act. So, now the question comes to safety. How can you save yourself from these such a devastating ransomware virus attack?

Preventive Measures for Ransomware

In this section, I’ll discuss about the necessary precautions that you should take to safeguard yourself from being hunted by ransomware. If you are already attacked by ransomware then refer next section What to do if I am Attacked by Ransomware? from below.

ransomware decrypt tool mcafee

Someone said that, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure“. So, it is worth to follow the simple prevention to get yourself out of reach of ransomware. For this you have to keep your eyes open and think twice before you take any action. Checkout WhatsApp tricks and Facebook tricks which is tending most these days and everyone want to get updated with these tricks, you can also checkout this.

Block the path between you and ransomware

Ransomware attacks are through internet, so try to block the path between your computer and the ransomware. Find out all connecting links between the internet and your PC.

Don’t visit a link just because you are asked to:

Whenever you receive a link via email or SMS, just because you got a link, it doesn’t mean you should visit that.

 ransomware removal toolNow a days if you can’t differ between a real or a spam mail then you are ruined. Got any mail offering an iPhone 7 Plus of free or some amount of money or any other smartphones blah blah blah, then don’t visit those links. They usually trap users by offering an attractive deals and trick to download their  ransomware virus containing file and ask to open that file on your computer and when you open that file, you are get infected. Checkout top 100 Ping Submission Sites For Faster Indexing of 2017 and How to Use iAPCrazy for Free In-App Purchases.

Check your Email Attachments:

Email attachments are also a weak connecting link between computer and internet which is often ignored by lots of people. If you receive an email which you think doesn’t belongs to you then I suggest you to do not open any attachments of that email without checking its complete details. A common spam mails includes:

  • An offer that you Win any Smartphone
  • An Order Receipt from a Marketplace
  • Delivery Confirmation of some product
  • A Tracking Number from an Order
  • Domain Expiring in a week
  • Offering Credit Cards
  • Debit or Credit Card Upgradation
  • A Mail asking you to be present in High Court on a specified date

All these type of mails will contains attachments and seem very surprising to you. They will seek your attention and make you open the attachment to know the details further. I suggest you to keep away yourself from these types of mails. Here is an example of email I received. Have a look on How to Send Fake Location on WhatsApp with Android or iPhone Devices, How to Make Fake WhatsApp Conversation.

ransomware removal tool kaspersky

This mail says my payment is approved and my account will be debited within two days. What is that shit? I did not make any payments to anyone. So, most likely everyone I will go to check attachment to get details of the payment and once I open it, I will be under ransomware attacks.

Check up your Internet Downloads:

Internet downloads is one of the highest connecting link for computer and internet. Whenever you are deciding to download a file from internet through your web browser, you are risking your computer for getting being infected. So, always check all files you are downloading and opening and must check the trusted source before downloading a file. If you are a torrent lover , then always download torrents from verified websites and read reviews of the torrent file before downloading it. Checkout How To Record WhatsApp Calls on Android/iPhone Devices. Because a fake torrents file very often contains a .exe file in it, that is an executable file and not a media. If you run that file, nobody knows what will be carried out by that file to your PC. My suggestion in regard to downloading p**n, be careful because most of those sites has bundle ransomware examples with the videos they provide for downloading, by this how does ransomware spread in your PC and you will get fooled easily because of your attraction. Checkout how to take Picture of Person when they try to Unlock Your Phone and Enter Wrong Pattern or Password.

Ransomware Protection Software

Antivirus software is a must needed ransomware protection software for every internet user. When I say antivirus then I don’t mean Windows Defender which comes with computer windows operating system. Windows defender is just a basic software designed to protect you from some know malware definitions only, it don’t handle ransomware definition or any other strong virus definitions. It is not suitable for long-term protection from new virus threats. So, you need 3rd party antivirus software to prevent yourself from ransomware list. I will not give you a list of antivirus for that but provide two names one is free and another is paid, this two will tops in the chart of general malware protection as well as ransomware protection. Checkout most trending trick on How to Change Facebook Name Before 60 Days Limits.

Avast Free Antivirus

According to AV-Test, Avast hold 2nd rank, after Ahn Lab which ranked first. So, I am also using Avast Free Antivirus. The reason that I like it is that apart from protection from all threats, avast never overload my operating system. Let me tell you that their antivirus program is completely free of cost and they often provides their upgrades available for extra features like firewall, sandbox, etc. You may upgrade Avast to paid version if you need those extra features. Their powerful antivirus is always free. Have a look on how to Share a Blocked URL on Facebook

   Avast Free Antivirus

Check how avast ransomware removal tool protected me from a Trojan that I received through mail.

avast ransomware removal

Bitdefender Paid Antivirus

I had use Bitdefender for few months when they have promotional offer for free access to their antivirus and I like it most. Reason behind that it never disturbs you. Once you installed it and configured correctly, then it will do its job without failing in the background and quarantine the infected files automatically. Bitdefender ransomware removal tool is best if you want maximum protection. It’s security is best in class and the memory usage is low to medium and also have look on trick to Increase Likes On Facebook Page for Free.

   Bitdefender Ransomware Removal Tool

Backup Your Files Regularly

Ransomware Virus will target the files and software of your system. So, it is best to keep backup of your files regularly so that you will never miss them.

Backup Your Documents and Media:

The best way to protect your documents and media from ransomware definition is to make a copy and create backup of all files and folders to an external hard drive. Keep your external hard drive away from the reach of internet. External hard disk are very useful and you must have one and make sure your external hard drive is having double capacity of your internal hard drive. So, if you have 500 GB hard drive memory then buy at least 1TB External Hard Drive and always run a backup every week. Also checkout how to Create Single Name Facebook Account.

Backup Windows Operating System:

Ransomware infects the operating system too. Hence you loose access to your system and to restore it back, you need a backup of your Windows OS. So, first thing when you buy a new laptop or PC, then to create a recovery disk of new windows with software manually; if they will not provided you a windows recovery disk. Create a recovery disk and keep that disk always safe with you. Checkout this article by Windows Central to Make a full backup of your Windows. Also checkout Facebook Premium Social Toolkit for Free

   Guide to Backup Windows OS

ransomware removal malwarebytes

Awareness is Important

Remember one thing something you downloaded from internet is still safe unless and until you open that file. So, even after download always make sure that it is the right file you need to open and get access, then only open it.

Ransomware: What to do if I am attacked?

In the above paragraph I was discussing about preventive measures for Ransomware Attacks. But I know most of you don’t care for those points until you face examples of ransomware attacks yourself. So, if you are looking for how to prevent ransomware and real life examples of ransomware to recover your PC which is under attack of ransomware, then I don’t disappoint you either. I want to to say, that you have very limited option for How do I get rid of ransomware? Have a look on how to Post in Multiple Facebook Groups at Once.

Never Pay the Money

Don’t fall for Ranscam. Heard of Ranscam! Let me elaborate the term Ranscam, Ranscam is a type of scam performed by ransomware owners by don’t giving you access back to your files and system even after paying the ransom money. So, always remember that they are hackers not a shopkeeper, who hacked your computer for the sake of money and their no assurance that they will give you access after getting money. So, never try to pay the amount. Must read How to Get More Twitter Followers for Free Using Simple Tips & Tricks.

how to remove encryption ransomware

Examine the Type of Ransomware:

Among the several types of Ransomware Definitions, the following three types can be easily distinguished:

  1. Encrypting Ransomware
  2. Lockscreen Ransomware
  3. Master Boot Record Ransomware (MBR Ransomware)

Depending upon the type of ransomware, you need to follow the appropriate steps. However, there is no guarantee that you can recover 100% of your all files, but you can try at least once. Checkout How to Set Full Size Profile Picture on Whatsapp Without Cropping (DP Without Crop).

1. Encrypting Ransomware

Encrypting Ransomware is the most common type of ransomware and there are more chances for getting infected with an Encrypting Ransomware. Thanks for the developers who developed some ransomware encrypted files decrypting software tools for ransomware decrypt. However, these ransomware decrypt tool will only work for Encrypting Ransomware that won’t block access to your computer and just change the file type to encrypted. Checkout Best Android Apps For Automobile Insurance.

Note: Ransomware is developed by a computer security experts, so they always keep updating to latest banaries. These ransomware decrypt tool software are updated with the latest binaries after the developers knows the new developments.

So, these ransomware decrypt tools can only decrypt ransomware encrypted files of known algorithms. If you are under control of a new developed and highly secured ransomware then this decryption tool online software won’t work. Still, you can try if you want.

Kaspersky Ransomware Decryptor

   Kaspersky Wildfire Decrypter

Rakhni Ransomware Decrypter

   Rakhni Decrypter

Shade Ransomware Decrypter

   Shade Decrypter

Coinvault Ransomware Decrypter

   Coinvault Decrypter

Rannoh Ransomware Decrypter

   Rannoh Decrypter

Download all files together with instructions from Here. (5 Decrypters with instruction files, Total file size = 11 MB)


  • Remove ransomware malware file before decryption otherwise ransomware will again encrypt that.
  • Decryption process may take several hours to several days depending on files and folders and system speed. So, be patient and wait for it and keep your fingers crossed.

For more Ransomware Decryptors Tools visit list given by TheWindowsClub Here.

2. lockscreen Ransomware

As you can understood by name itself that the Lockscreen Ransomware don’t let you access your PC and you need to clean ransomware virus before you can get access to your files. After getting access to your PC, you need to decrypt them if your files are encrypted. So, this is a two step process, first of which you need to remove ransomware virus and then decrypt the encrypted files. Have a look on How to Change MAC Address on Any Android Device (MAC Spoof). Here is the way to get access to your computer; for that you need another computer and a bootable USB. Download Ransomware Malware removing program on that PC, create a bootable USB Drive and use that to boot your computer. For complete guide on how to do that visit here.

Use TrendMicro Lockscreen Ransomware Removal Tool:

Trend Micro Anti-Ransomware has released a ransomware removal tool specially for Lock Scree Ransomware. So, your first step to remove ransomware from PC and then follow the recommended steps under encryption ransomware section to decrypt them.

   Trend Micro Anti-Ransomware

3. MBR Ransomware

Master Boot Record Ransomware is the worst type of Ransomware available on the internet. They f**k up the computer along with your files. If you are infected by MBR Ransomware then they modify or delete your boot records thus preventing your operating system from booting. It is very serious matter if you are victim of an MBR Ransomware. You shout too loudly but unfortunately nobody is going to listen. The bad thing is you can’t get any part of your computer back, that is gone forever. You may like to Design your Facebook Profile wall in a New Attractive Way! That’s why I recommend you to keep backups repeatedly and regularly. To get rid of MBR Ransomware you need to wipe your hard disk completely and then flush off your OS, no part of your data will left out. Spyware Techie has an excellent article on how to remove the MBR Ransomware visit here.

Use MBR Filter Software to prevent MBR Ransomware:

After successful remove MBR Ransomware and fresh windows install, don’t forget to install MBR Filter Software. It is highly recommended software to keep your MBR in read only mode and thus preventing it from MBR ransomware in future. Checkout the details of MBR Filter and intructions for using the software from here and checkout who blocked you on instagram.

That’s all guys, this is the complete guide on what is ransomware and their removal techniques. If you have any query of suggestion mention it on comment section. Thanks for visiting and stay connected for more updates. Subscribe to our website to get notification of latest post and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google+ and Tumblr.

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