How to Change MAC Address on Any Android Device (MAC Spoof)

Spoof Android MAC Address

Hello guys, in this article I’m going to share 3 different methods of WiFi MAC Address Changer on Android Device. With the help of some Android apps Change mac address android Phone is very easy if your Android Phone is rooted. There are so many apps available on play store to change MAC address which are termed as MAC Address Changer for Android, but I found very few of them as best which I share with you in this post. Have a look on Spotify Premium Apk to Get Spotify Premium Features on Android and Latest Version of GB WhatsApp or Latest Version WhatsApp Plus, download any of these to have 2 whatsapp in one android.

MAC stands for Media Access Control, it is an unique identification of 12 alpha-numeric characters of any device. Every device like computer, laptop, android phone, windows phone, iOS phones, etc has its own MAC address. Every device is assigned their own MAC ID while manufacture of that device, manufacturer provides unique MAC address to each devices. Checkout Most Trending Tips on How to Change Facebook Name Before 60 Days Limits and WhatsApp Account with US Number.

Changing Android MAC Address (Spoofing)

Changing MAC address of android phones is very simple, if you want to change it; but to change wifi mac address you must have a rooted android device. Before Changing the mac address of your mobile, you should note your Real MAC Address first. Mac address is assigned to all devices for identifying the device over internet, or identify devices locally and some other reasons to set up mac address in android devices. If you change mobile MAC address of your android mobile, it means that you changed Identification of your Android. Checkout this post on how to take Picture of Person when they try to Unlock Your Phone and Enter Wrong Pattern or Password and Online SMS Flooder for Text Message Bomber For Prank with Your Friends.

How can I Check Mac Address of My Android Device?

  • Open Settings of your Android device.
  • Go to About and then Status.

Real MAC Address of Android Device

  • Scroll Down and you will see MAC Address of your Device having 12 characters like AB:CD:EF:GH:IJ:KL in Wi-Fi MAC address.

Change or Spoof MAC Address of Android Phones

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WiFi MAC Address Changer

What is the Purpose of Spoofing MAC Address of Android Device?

MAC Address Changer is totally depends on you, why you want to change wifi MAC Address of your android device? Other than that there are several reasons for changing MAC address like someone blocked your device on their router from accessing internet or in some case just for fun. So just checkout the different way and their instructions on how to spoof or change MAC address on your Android Smartphone below. You may like – How to Create Unlimited Facebook Accounts Without Mobile Numbers and Best Way to Unblock Facebook Restriction At Schools.

Disclaimer:- This article is for Educational Purpose only. Don’t use it for any kind of illegal purpose because using it for any illegal cause is a punishable offence.

Requirements for MAC Address Change of Android

If you want to change mobile MAC Address then you need

  • Rooted Android Phone.
  • Busybox App Installed in your phone.

   Download BusyBox

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  • Android Terminal Emulator / Wifi MAC Changer  apps to change MAC address using one of these MAC changer.

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Methods for Changing MAC Address of Android Device

There are so many apps and methods available to change MAC Address but I found only these 3 methods to change mac address as best. So I’m sharing these 3 ways of MAC Address Spoofing in Android device. Remember one thing, that is to note down your real mac address before changing it and have your phone rooted with busybox app install in it. Must read How to Get More Twitter Followers for Free Using Simple Tips & Tricks and How to Control Android Phone From Another Device Remotely.

  • Wifi MAC Changer
  • Android Terminal Emulator App
  • Engineering Mode ( Only for MediaTeK Chipsets phones)

How to Change Mac Address on Rooted Android Device

To change MAC address of your Android device just need Mobile MAC Address Changer and follow all instruction of any one method mentioned carefully. This methods of WiFi MAC Changer is temporarily, change of mac address for permanent is not possible. Since all devices have difference interface so they have different ways for change of MAC Address, just checkout all methods one by one and use the method suitable for you for the next time. Checkout how to Install Dolby Atmos on any android and How to Install Phoenix OS on your PC?

How to change MAC Address using Wifi Mac Changer App

  • Download WiFi MAC Changer and Install it.

   WiFi MAC Changer

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  • After installation just open it, it will ask for root permission, tap on Grant button and now you will redirected to main screen of this app.

Change MAC Address with ChameleMAC

  • Here you will find your device’s real MAC Address (Note it down) because if you want to restore to original MAC in future.
  • Now tap on check box in front Generate new MAC on every restart if you want new MAC Address again and again or just tap on Generate random MAC button or enter any random MAC address of your choice and tap on Apply new MAC button.
  • Now it will ask you for confirmation that Do you confirm changing the MAC? If you really want to do then tap on Change button.

Android Change MAC Address

  • Now you are done, just restart your mobile and your MAC will get changed to new MAC Address.

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How to Change MAC Address on Android with Android Terminal Emulator App

This methods of MAC Address Changer is totally depends on commands. Here you have to enter some commands one by one to change MAC Address of your Android device. So just follow the steps carefully

  • Download and Install Android Terminal Emulator.

   Android Terminal Emulator

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  • Now open it and type the below mentioned command one by one and follow the instruction as given. Enter
  • Now tap on enter button, then this will ask you for root permission, just allow root permission and enter next command.
busybox iplink show eth0
  • Now it display current MAC Address of your Android Device, now enter next command to change change it for new MAC Address.
busybox ifconfig eth0 hw ether XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX
  • Repalce “XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX” with your new MAC Address of your choice and tap on enter and this will immediately change your MAC Address.
  • Now enter below code to check and confirm that MAC Address is changed or not.

busybox iplink show eth0

  • All done you will see that your MAC Address is got changed.

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How to Change Android MAC Address Using Engineering Mode

This method is only for MediaTeK Chipset Devices. So if you want to change mac address on rooted or non-rooted android device then just checkout this method.

  • Download and Install MTK Engineering Mode.

   MTK Engineering Mode

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  • Now open MTK Engineering Mode and tap on settings button to launch device’s Engineering Mode.
  • Now you will get a list of some options, go to Connectivity and tap on WiFi option and then NVRAM.

MAC Address Changer

  • Here, in Byte String Access option, enter
addr(h,byte): 4

length(byte): 6
  • Now you will get your current MAC Address of your Android Device in place of (h).
  • Just replace this MAC with your New MAC Address of your choice and tap on write button.
  • That’s it, this will change your MAC address, just you need to restart your device and it is the easiest way to change MAC Address for MTK devices.


Some more Apps which I found useful other than these 3, You can try them if you want to change MAC Address by these apps Too.

   MAC Address Ghost

   WiFi Spoofer

   Mac Spoofer

ES File Explorer & Manager Pro v1.0.8 [Patched]

That’s all guys, you can use any of the app mentioned above to change/spoof MAC Address of your Android Device and remember use of this article for any bad cause is illegal you may get punished if you use it for illegal purpose. So change MAC Address of your phone at your own risk. If you have any query of suggestion mention it on comment section. Thanks for visiting and stay connected for more updates. Subscribe to our website to get notification of latest post and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google+ and Tumblr.

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