How to Open & Convert .aspx file to .pdf file

Since many peoples are facing problem to open .aspx file on their computer or mobile phones and they search for How to convert .aspx file to .pdf file over internet, so we are going to solve this problem by converting it to the widely used well known format .pdf file.

Some of you may be heard of Dreamweaver, it is adobe software which can open an .aspx file in form of sheet with raw data. Though this software help you to open ASPX file but it is not the best option. Hence we recommend to convert ASPX to PDF file.

ASPX is very rare file extension to open it on windows or mobile. ASP.NET project has its source as ASPX. If you notice carefully, you get to know that some of websites use .aspx file extension instead of .html or .php extensions. ASPX stands for Active Server Page Extended File. It is an internet media type document. It is first developed and hosted by Microsoft.

Have a look on:-

Steps to Open ASPX file:

  • Right Click on your ASPX file.

  • Click on Open with option and open file on Google Chrome.

  • Now you view and read your ASPX file.

Steps to Convert/Save as PDF file:

  • First you need to open APSX file on Google Chrome.
  • After file get opened press Ctrl+P.

  • Change destination to Save as PDF

  • Now Click on Save and your ASPX file is saved as PDF file.

That’s all guys, there are so many online and offline software which can do the same thing but when you go through this method you should find yourself that it is the easiest way to open ASPX file and convert it into PDF file. Thanks for visiting and stay connected for more updates.


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