How to Control Android Phone From Another Device Remotely

remotely control android mobile devices

Hello guys, today I’m going to share an article on How to Remotely Control Android Phone from another Android Mobile or Laptop/Computer. Controlling any android smartphone from any other android device is very easy via Best Remote Control App for Android. There are so many peoples using android smartphones and they often enjoy to have new applications in their android device. Must read How to Get More Twitter Followers for Free Using Simple Tips & Tricks.

Sometimes when you are doing anything on your smartphone and got stuck in some problem or issue and need a help for your friend or skilled person. So you call or text them and tell your issue; sometime your friend understand your problem sometimes doesn’t. So you need to share your screen to him to get better clarity. Using remote control apps are the best option to share mobile screen from one place to another place, on one android mobile to other android mobile. You may like Best Free Dating Apps for Android & iOS Mobiles.

By using remote control applications one can easily control an android device from another android device easily. In this article I’m going to share different types of apps present for remote control android tablet or phone. Must read Best Fitness Apps For Workout on Android 2017 to get a fit slim and toned body shape.

Remotely Control Android Phone From Another Phone

Actually, with these apps you can easily access android phone remotely and solve all the problems of your relatives, friends, etc. by easily accessing their device from your device. So let’s checkout some of the major apps which can help you to control one android phone from another and Use iAPCrazy for Free In-App Purchases.

Team Viewer for Remote Control

TeamViewer for Remote Control

Team Viewer is the best android app for remote control, most of the peoples are familiar with it. It is also used for accessing computer from computer, computer from mobile and vice versa. Similarly it’s android app helps in accessing and controlling a given android device from another device. User interface of team viewer is quite simple, you just need to enter the User ID and password of the host android device on your device to access that device and control the host device from your device remotely.  You may like – How to Create Unlimited Facebook Accounts Without Mobile Numbers.

Features of Team Viewer

  • Full Functional Keyboard
  • Easy access on computer with proxy servers and firewalls
  • Data transfer option in both directions
  • High security standards
  • Sensitive & quick responsive touch and control gestures
  • Audio visual transmission
  • Multi monitor suppots

   TeamViewer for Remote Control

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remodroid remote control

RemoDroid is also one of the most popular remote control android apps, this app helps in accessing and controlling other android devices via your own android devices. RemoDroid is quite simple remote control app used to control devices like Android PC, Windows PC, Android Smartphones, Mac, etc.

RemoDroid is an application created for proving remote access of the host Android and can works with huge range of Android TV sticks and different types smart tablet and phones. List of top 100 Ping Submission Sites of 2017 For Faster Indexing.

Features of RemoDroid

  • Remote Control
  • Screen Sharing
  • Connection Management
  • Wifi, 4G and 3G Connection
  • Supports Multiple User
  • Applet support for Internet Connection

   RemoDroid for Remote Control

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Join me Remote Control Android App is also the popular app for remote control from android, with this app on can easily access and control others android device and operate hosts android mobile from another place remotely. Download Internet Download Manager to accelerate your download speed.

Features of

  • Share screen of host android mobile on your android device or tablet.
  • You can customize your background image in settings.
  • Extra security for your meetings.
  • Zoom in and zoom out option.
  • Voice option for attendees using VoIP.
  • See who is attending you.
  • In-meeting chat broadcast option for all participants at once.

   Join.Me Remote Control App

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ScreenShare synchronize screen of one android phone user interface with other device. This app remotely control two android mobile with it’s tools to remote control android tablets and mobile. It also help to share music, videos, pictures, and other data from one device to other. For parental control of android device ScreenShare is a good choice.

   ScreenShare Remote Control Apk

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 Mysms SMS Text Messaging Sync

Mysms SMS Text Messaging Sync app is used to call & message on other device by parental remote control. It sync PC or tablet perfectly on your mobile or your mobile to tablet.

 Features of My Sms

  • Call notifications for computer.
  • Text from Tablet to android remotely.
  • Remote texting app with native apps for android tablet.
  • MMS Group Chat Option.
  • Complete call log history.
  • Support in all web browser.

How to get and use My Sms?

  • Download and Install My SMS
  • Open computer or tablet web browser and go to or download the app on desktop or tablet.
  • Now connect and start sharing texts.

   My SMS Remote Control for Android

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Tablet Remote

Tablet remote is also the best app to access an android tablet from other android device. It has common input for back, menu, home or search on android tablet. You can also control its brightness and volume. You can play games that support key input with the gamepad like most Xperia Play compatible games.

   Tablet Remote Apk

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Tablet Talk: SMS & Texting App

Tablet talk is one of the nice remote control App to Share Screen of android which is basically designed with the embedded feature of SMS and texting app that allow you to text from any tablet. This app also have feature of app voice calling to make call to other device. Unlike other apps, Tablet Talk doesn’t force you to use a new phone number; your friends, coworkers, and family can contact you with your existing Android phone number. In addition to this it is best app which does not require internet connection and it does not store any data and also consume very less amount of battery.

Features of Tablet Talk

  • Quick reply response popups.
  • Text anywhere, anytime with or without internet connection.
  • Caller ID
  • Privacy
  • Tablet SMS notifications instantly.
  • Customize themes.
  • DashClock Extensions
  • Backup & Restore tablet SMS to mobile.

   Tablet Talk Remote Control App

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AirDroid: File Transfer & Manager

AirDroid is best android app to control an android device easily with file transfer and manager option. It allows you to access and control any android device from windows PC, mac, or iphone over internet web wireless. This is the best app for file sharing between two device via wireless connection.

Features of AirDroid

  • Mirror one android device to another device.
  • Complete control of Android
  • Quick reply response to mobile messages.
  • Send & receive individual and group messages.
  • Transfer files between two device.

   AirDroid Remote Access for Android

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 An2An Remote

Use your Android device to remote control another Android/PC device through Bluetooth or WiFi/Network. With An2An Remote you can use your Android phone as a wireless keyboard, mouse, touchscreen, and it redirects physical keyboard, mouse, controller, etc to target device easily.

Features of An2AN Remote

  • It allow screen with onscreen keyboard.
  • Turn out wired connection of the keyboard, mouse, controller into wireless.
  • You can use another compatible device as a bridge.
  • Use touchscreen apps on devices which doesn’t have physical touchscreen.

   An2An Remote APK

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VNC Viewer

vnc viewer for android

Android VNC Viewer is also an android app to control device remotely. It provide unlimited access to the hosts android mobile; the VNC server control fully one android phone from another. It has various awesome features like keyboard and mouse control, import & export settings, save connection info, zoom control, etc.

How to use VNC Viewer?

  • Download and install VNC Viewer.
  • Now connect your both device with the same wireless network.
  • Open VCN Viewer with free license on both device.
  • After that simply connect your device and share screen of host device to your other android phone.

   VNC Viewer Remote Access App

That’s all guys, hope you understand the process of remotely control android application to control hosts android mobile from other mobile. If you have any query or suggestions, do mention it on comment section below. Thanks for visiting and stay connected for more updates. Subscribe to our website and follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+ for all latest posts notifications.

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