How to Install Custom ROM without Wiping Data

Flash Custom ROM without losing data

Hello guys, today I’m going to share guide on How to Flash Custom ROM without wiping data of your android phone. If you are searching for how to install custom ROM without loosing data then you must have a bit idea of custom ROM and what is a custom ROM actually mean. Basically when anyone purchases any android device it comes with the Stock Firmware or Stock ROM which are build with some restrictions and can’t let you customize it more. Checkout previously shared articles on How to Change Boot Animation on Android Devices (Root Needed) and How to Unlock Pattern Lock Without Data Loss on Android Device. So, if you want to customize your android phone more and want to remove all restrictions then you must flash another ROM on it which allows you to do all the customization which you need that ROM is termed as a Custom ROM or Custom Firmware. Checkout latest version of GB WhatsApp, download it for having 2 whatsapp in one android and trick to create a WhatsApp Account with US Number. Are you looking for How to use ROM installer app? then just follow the steps given below in this guide on How to flash custom ROM without loosing data. By using this given method one can easily flash / update ROM without data wipe so that you can customize your mobile to change look and feel of your mobile phone. Have look on How to Install Phoenix OS on your PC? and How to protect yourself from deadly Ransomware?

Most of us aware of the name Cyanogen Mod which is the best custom ROM for android and is used by most of the android users. According to a survey done by a poll many users like to Cyanogen Mod then stock rom. Checkout SMS Bomber – Text Message Bomber For Prank with Your Friends and Spotify Premium Apk to get premium features of spotify music. So, you can use this guide to flash rom without losing data in your android smartphones easily. In fact you can update custom rom always according to your choice and whenever you need you can update custom rom without losing data. At the time of changing custom rom some users often loose their phone data, which is really a disastrous thing and no one can afford to loose their data. Also read How to Replace Kingroot with SuperSu Easily and How to Install Dolby Atmos.

Although you have a choice to secure your data by transferring data such as music, video and other stuff to any storage but what about application and game data and if some how you will be able to secure them too but the whole process is very time taking process and still you can’t get your all data as it is in your phone. Checkout Best Way to Unblock Facebook Restriction At Schools and how to Create Unlimited Facebook Accounts Without Mobile Numbers. So, I’m come with a guide by which you can keep your data save and restore your app data easily and able to flash custom firmware without wiping data of your phone. If you want to update stock rom to custom rom then you must have your phone rooted first because this apps will only works in rooted phones and after rooting your device you can easily create a backup of your phone’s data and transfer it to OTG pendrive of external storage and able to revert your backup again whenever you need and no need to install all application one by one from play store. Have a look on How to Hide WhatsApp Images & Videos From Gallery in Android or iPhone and best app to Take Picture of Person Trying to Unlock Your Phone Secretly.

Requirement to Flash Custom ROM without Loosing Data

  • Rooted Android Phone
  • Titanium Backup App

   Titanium Backup App

  • Custom Recovery like CWM / TWRP to flash rom

   Flash Custom Recovery with Flashify

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How to Install Custom ROM without Wiping data of your Android

Step 1: Download and install Titanium Backup App in your phone from above link.

Step 2: Open titanium backup app and grant all root access needed, to provide root access your current rom should be rooted.

Step 3: After that ignore all the pop-up which are appearing on your phone.

Step 4: Now go to menu from right top and then tap on batch to update cyanogenmod without losing data

Step 5: After going to batch action, tap on user and then you’ll see an option of backup all user apps.flash factory image without wiping data

Step 6: Wait for sometime while backup process is completed and it may take some time depending upon no. of apps you have.

Step 7: The backup files are located in your internal storage or external storage in the folder named Titanium Backup, just cut and paste the whole folder to your PC or OTG pendrive.

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How to Restore Backup Data After Installing Custom ROM

After successful flashing your device with custom ROM its time to get your data back in your android phone and to do so just follow the instructions given below

Step 1: Install titanium backup app and open it.

Step 2: Go to menu and tap on Batch Action.

Step 3: Copy your backup data to your internal drive which you have backup earlier.

Step 4: After that click on Batch Action and select restore all apps with data and then your all apps are restored automatically with its to update cyanogenmod without losing data

Alternate method to Install Custom ROM without Losing Apps and its data

In this method you can able to backup all you apps with data within some minutes and it is the fastest way to do backup but it is an unstable method so sometimes it is having some issues. So I will recommend you to try first method and if that method doesn’t work for you then only try this one otherwise leave this method. Have a look on Free Premium Facebook Social Toolkit and How To Remove Watermark From Photo/Image.

If getting any problem in above method then just clear the data of the app and then try again. In most of the devices the data doesn’t gets deleted while installing custom firmware so titanium backup method is good for those mobiles. Since backup through titanium backup is a time taking process so you can try this method but try at your own risk.

Step 1: Reboot your device into custom recovery mode and make sure you are using a custom recovery like CWM, TWRP, or Philz.

Step 2: Go to Backup of the data partition to flash rom without wiping dataStep 3: Tap on Advance backup and then go to data to update cyanogenmod nightly without losing dataStep 4: After that your backup process will start and once your backup is completed you may proceed further.

Step 5: Now factory reset your device and flash the custom rom of your choice in your device.

Step 6: Now clean your dalvik cache and then tap on restore to flash cyanogenmod recoveryStep 7: Go to advance restore and then tap on restore the data which you have created earlier. That it, this will restore all your apps with data.

Thats all guys, this is the full guide on how to flash custom rom or custom firmware without losing data easily. If you have any query of suggestion mention it on comment section. Thanks for visiting and stay connected for more updates. Subscribe to our website to get notification of latest post and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google+ and Tumblr.

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