How To Dual Boot Multiple ROMs on Android Phone

How to Dual Boot Multiple ROMs on Android Phone

Hello guys, today I’m going to share a trick to Boot MultiROM on Android Phone. I think you are familiar with multi boot on computer, in which you can use more than one operating system in on system and you can select any operating system while booting. Now, here I’m going to tell you a exact similar method to that in which you can Dual Boot Multiple ROMs on Android. Checkout trick to create a WhatsApp Account with US Number and Who Checked your WhatsApp Profile. I think some f you are heard of running multiple ROM on Android device and some are hearing this for first time. If you are one of them who is heard this for first time then you might think What if you can Dual Boot in Android? Right! Don’t worry, I’m here to answer your all questions and clear out your all doubts. Just read this article till the end and you will be able to know ail about installing Multiple ROM on your Device. Also checkout Latest Version GB WhatsApp and Latest Version of WhatsApp Plus.

Since, many people heard of this but still they have problem that how to install MultiROM on Android, that’s the reason I’m telling you the way to install multiple ROM on android device. Most of the time peoples take help of GRUB Loader to Boot MultiOS in Windows but in Android we have a similar app named MultiROM Manager App which helps to Boot Multiple ROM on Android Phones. Checkout SMS Bomber – Text Message Bomber to Prank with your Friends and How to Set Up Google Alerts Text Message on Gmail Account With Keywords.

What is MultiBoot?

MultiBoot consist of two term Multi-Boot, which means you can Boot Multiple Number of Operating System in your Device. This term is generally used for computers and Laptops whereas the term used for android devices is MuiltROM. Recently Vojtech Bocek company developers launched an application to Boot Multiple ROM on android device and named it MultiROM Manager, which help you to install multiple ROM in one Android device. In windows, whenever you power on or restart your PC then you get a options on booting screen to select operating system you want to load which is done with the help of GRUB Loader. Also checkout latest version Spotify Premium Apk for Free and also Install Dolby Atmos on Android to get unlimited fun.

What is GRUB?

GRUB is a loader in Linux OS which stands for Grand Unified Bootloader. Basically, GRUB helps in switching between multiple OS installed in PC. With help of GRUB, you can also choose the boot time and other boot configuration. Also read How to Replace Kingroot with SuperSu Easily and How to Unlock Pattern Lock Without Data Loss on Android Device.

Android is base on Kernel and Kernel is based on Linux. So, we can say that android operating system is related to Linux somewhere and if you want to install Multiple ROM in Android Phones then you need to have a Kernel supported device. Have a look on How to Increase battery life with Greenify app and How to change Boot Animation on Android Devices.

How MultiROM Manager Works?

MultiROM Manager works with patched kernel only. After installing MultiROM Manager there are 2 way to install Multiple ROM in your device i.e. Automatically or by ADB commands. If you are expert in flashing and have enough knowledge of ADB Commands then only try to flash using ADB commands otherwise don’t go for that. Have look on How to Install Phoenix OS on your PC? and How to Flash Custom ROM in Any Android Device.

If you are new to these things and don’t how to flash then I’ll tell you How to Use MultiROM Manager to Flash Automatically. It is very simple method and anyone can do this. Checkout How to Flash Custom ROM without losing data and How to Install Google Apps in Android Device with Custom ROMs.

How Many ROM Can Be Flashed?

Basically, there is no such limits but it totally depends on your device configuration and how much storage have your device. If your android phone have 32 GB Storage then you can flash multiple ROMs in your Device but I personally installed only 3 ROM’s in My Phone at once [1 stock and 2 additional]. Have a look on How To Activate WhatsApp Bot For Auto-Reply Virtual Assistant Robot and How to Schedule WhatsApp Messages.

Nexus 6 Multirom Dual Boot

How To Manage Multiple ROM In Android Device?

Suppose you have installed multiple ROM on your android and now you are interested to know how to manage Multiple ROM for it’s better performance. You will be able to manage multiple ROMs with MultiROM Manager like managing a file in file manager. Suppose you clicked a picture and now you want to access it then you have to go to directory of photos for managing that in the same manner you have to go to MultiROM to manage your Multiple ROMs. Have a look on How to Remove Watermark from a photo and How to Remove Watermark from a video.

MultiROM Manager

One of the advantage of MultiROM Manager is that this application doesn’t create too many directories so handling becomes more easier. Also check How to Get US Netflix in Canada for Free and  How to Configure Google Alerts on Gmail Account With Keywords.

Which Android Device Supports MultiROM?

As of now only some devices are supported. According to my research some websites says that Nexus Devices, OnePlus One and some other devices with good developer options are supported. I’m not sure about devices so search on google that your device is supported or not before installing it. You can also take help of developer to know if your device is supported or not. Have a look on How to Check If Facebook Account is Real or Fake and Indian Disposable Numbers for OTP Verification.

What is Use of Multi-ROM?

Many peoples are afraid of flashing Custom ROMs on android because they are afraid of loosing their data or afraid of bugs. But it is the way to get recent Android Version on your smartphone if your brand is not giving you updates. Lastly Google Released Android N i.e. Nougat and now release Android Oreo. If you want to experience them in your smartphone then you can use it by having MultiROM in your android. Don’t be afraid, you won’t loose any data for sure. Also Download Latest Version Instagram Plus Apk and MX Player Pro with AC3/DTS Audio Codec.

Requirements to Install Multi-ROM:

How To Dual Boot Multiple ROMs on Android Phone

Excited? Let’s start installing MultiROM Manager and flashing multiple ROMs in android smartphone. This tutorial is based on automatic method and if you are expert in flashing with ADB commands then you can go for that. This is a basic method just follow the steps given below one by one. You may like PS3 Emulator for Android to Play PS3 Games and XBox Emulator for Android to Play Xbox Games.

Step 1. First of all Download MultiROM Manager Apk and install it.

   MultiROM Manager Apk

Flash Multi ROM on Android

Step 2. Once installation done, open MultiROM Manager and it will ask you for Root Permission. Just tap on Grant.Run Multiple ROMs on Android

Step 3. Now, check options MultiROM, Revovery, and Kernel.How To Flash Multiple ROM on Android

Step 4. In Kernel option you will see a dropdown menu in which you have to select the Kernel of your Stock ROM.

Step 5. Now, tap on Install button. After that the custom recovery and new kernel patch will be downloaded to your device. You don’t have to do anything after that just wait to process get done.How To Dual Boot Multiple ROMs on Android Phone

Step 6. Once process get done, it will ask you to Reboot. Just tap on Reboot here.Multi ROM Manager

Step 7. When it shows 5 seconds boot time, simply tap anywhere on screen.Dual Boot Multiple ROMs on Nexus 6

Step 8. Now, swipe right the screen and go to MICS tab. Here you will see an option to reboot your phone into recovery.Nexus 7 MultiROM

Step 9. Now, your phone is in recovery mode. It is totally customized recovery and main task is done here.Dual Boot in Android

If you following the step then you will come here without any problem that is great job! Now, I’m going to share How to Add Second ROM in Android Phone. Also Download Latest Version Freedom Apk To Bypass In-App Purchase and how to Create Unlimited Facebook Accounts Without Mobile Numbers.

How to Add Another ROM in Android Phone

Step 1. Here you are at MultiROM Customized Recovery, go to MultiROM.Dual Boot Multiple ROMs on Android

Step 2. From here you will be able to Manage Multiple ROMs. Tap on Add ROM button.Multiple Rom on Android device

Step 3. Now, select ROM Type as Android and Location to Internal Memory.Install Multiple ROM on Android

Step 4. Select the Custom ROM you want to Install and make sure that you don’t wipe your phone data.MultiROM Apk

Step 5. Select the ROM and swipe slider to Right and your installation process get started.Download MultiROM Apk

Step 6. Now, it will take some time in installing custom ROM normally. Have patience and wait to process get done successful.

Step 7. Once installation process is done, reboot your phone and it will ask you to select ROM you need to choose.MultiROM Manager Apk

Step 8. If you choose Internal it will boot Old ROM and if you choose any other option then your phone boot into that ROM.Nexus 7 MultiROM

That’s all guys, you have successfully installed multiple ROM in your android device. Remember one thing, if you choose Internal and your Old ROM is not booting up then the ROM is not supported in MultiROM and you will end up with loosing your all data. So, keep backup of your all data and backup of your stock ROM, so that if something goes wrong you should flash your Stock ROM immediately. Checkout most trending trick on How to Change Facebook Name Before 60 Days Limits and how to Create Single Name Facebook Account.

Note:- Try at your own risk because if anything goes wrong your device might get brick and we are not responsible for that.

Screenshot of Multiple ROM Installed in my Android Phone

How to Run 2 ROMs on Android


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Video Tutorial on How to Install MultiROM on Android

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How To Uninstall Multi-ROM From Android Device

Step 1. First of all, Download Uninstall from below.


Step 2. Move the downloaded file to internal or sd card of your device.

Step 3. Now, power off your device.How To Uninstall Multi-ROM from Android

Step 4. Power On your device and it will ask you to choose between installed ROMs.Dual Boot Multiple ROMs on Nexus 6

Step 5. Tab on screen and go to MISC. Here reboot into Recovery.Nexus 7 MultiROM

Step 6. After that, tap on Install button and select the file, flash that and reboot your phone.Dual Boot in Android

After reboot, you are done! You have successfully uninstalled the MultiROM Manager App from your Phone. You can also flash Stock ROM if you want, to bring your phone in previous state. Also read How to Play YouTube videos in Background and checkout Best YouTube Video Downloader.

Some FAQs

Q.1) Flashing Multi-ROM is Safe?

Ans: If you are reading my full guide and following the step given in tutorial exactly then there are 80% chances that you won’t fail in flashing.

Q.2) Every phone are supported in Multi-ROM?

Ans: No, every phone is not supported. Check the list given above to know that your phone is supported or not.

Q.3) How to know that my ROM is supported Multi-ROM?

Ans: If you are going to try any Nougat ROM in your device then you need to ask in XDA Forums that your ROM supports multirom or not. If yes, then it is necessary that even your another ROM is supported for MultiROM Manager.

Q.4) My Phone stuck into BootLoop i.e Showing Device Logo.

Ans: Try clearing cache and dalvik cache if not solved then try flashing another ROM in your device.

Q.5) Multi-ROM is not getting Uninstalled from Device.

Ans: Simply flash the stock ROM in your device and done.

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That’s all guys, this is all about How to Dual Boot Multiple ROM on Android Phones. If you have any query of suggestion mention it on comment section. Thanks for visiting and stay connected for more updates. Subscribe to our website to get notification of latest post and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google+ and Tumblr

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