How To Root Any Android Without PC Within Few Minutes

root android phone without pc

Hello guys, today in this article I’m going to share a guide on How to Root Any Android Phone with No PC in 2 minutes. Get bored from the stock ROM restricted features and customization; want to get max out from your android device then you have to root your smartphone and after rooting your phone, you can do all customization and remove all restrictions as well as able to do various things, which you can’t do in your unrooted android phone. Checkout previously shared articles on How to Install Custom ROM without Wiping Data and How to Change Boot Animation on Android Devices (Root Needed). So, if you want to root your android phone then you are at right place just checkout any of the method mentioned below on How to root android without PC. Now a days rooting android device is become very easier and any one can root android with no PC with the help of some apps. Checkout latest version of GB WhatsApp, download it for having 2 whatsapp in one android and trick to create a WhatsApp Account with US Number. So, you can now root your android phone from phone itself with the help of some apps mentioned below easily without any risk. These apps are tested on most of the android phones and will help to root any android device instantly. Have look on How to Install Phoenix OS on your PC? and How to Unlock Pattern Lock Without Data Loss on Android Device.

Basically, most of the time users are afraid of rooting their phones due to warranty gets void. So let me tell you due to huge increase in android users these days if anyone is going to claim warranty then they have to wait longer which is not affordable at all so every one is choosing paid service over warranty claim. Checkout SMS Bomber – Text Message Bomber For Prank with Your Friends. Guys I have rooted my android many times successfully from these methods and not getting any problem till date. I will explain you step by step so that you can easily root an android without computer. After rooting your phone, your phone will boost up and you will be able to customize your phone as well as able to do various experiments on it. Also read How to Replace Kingroot with SuperSu Easily.

What is Root?

Root Android with no pc

Root is a process done on any device to get full access over system files and root directory. Rooting any device is a way to unlock your phone files for doing various experiment on it like removing system apps, customization, making some changes in system files, etc. So, before rooting your phone you should must know why you need to root your phone, what are its advantages and disadvantages. Checkout Best Way to Unblock Facebook Restriction At Schools.

Advantages of Rooting Android Phones

  • Allow you to customize anything and get full access to root directory and system files.
  • Increase mobile’s RAM, internal memory, etc without any issue and able to move apps to SD card by using Link 2 SD app easily.
  • Increase Phone’s Performance with over-clock CPU and boost performance while gaming or multi-tasking.
  • Increase battery life with Greenify app, which under clock your phone’s CPU.
  • You can flash any custom ROM like Cyanogen Mod or AOSP ROM etc.
  • Allow you to upgrade android version through custom firmware.
  • You can customize your android phone after rooting with gravity box, xposed modules, etc.
  • You can remove pre-installed app which are of no use to you.

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Disadvantage of Rooting Android Mobile

  • Your warranty get void instantly after rooting.
  • Your phone might get bricked while rooting and it will never turn on.
  • Rooting is an illegal process. So before rooting think twice what you are going to do after rooting.
  • You may lost your data like apps, contacts, sms, etc.
  • You will never receive any updates for your smartphone via OTA.
  • Some of the apps does not work properly or you are unable to use some apps due to root like google wallet app.

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Prerequisite Before Root Android Phone

Before rooting android phone and get the instant root access, you have to prepare your android phone first to root. I have mentioned few points just read them carefully and follow them to prepare your android phone for get rooted.

  • Make sure that your phone is charged above 60% level at least.
  • Make sure that your phone’s Unknown Source is Enabled. If not follow this Setting > Security > Unknown Sources and enable to root android phone manually without computer
  • Backup all of your data like apps, sms, contact, call logs, calendar, etc with any backup app. I recommend to follow the step given in this article on Backup & Restore all data of any android phone.
  • You must have your stock firmware ready with you of your phone. So that if anything goes wrong you can flash stock firmware instantly to get rid of any problem.

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How to Root Android Phone Without PC

Rooting android phone without any computer is have some benefits and is less risky because rooting android phone with PC like flashing CWM recovery is a bit risky. If you root phone without pc then you can easily unroot it without any issue but if you root phone with pc then you can’t unroot your phone easily. So, rooting phone with no pc is the best method for rooting android without pc. This root android without PC guide will work for all android smartphones without any issue. I have mentioned few apps which help you to root your phone without PC like Framaroot, vroot, z4root, towelroot, kingroot, etc. So let’s checkout them one by one. Have a look on Free Premium Facebook Social Toolkit.

Framaroot – Root without PC

Framaroot is the best and safest app to root phone without computer. If you are going to root your android with this app then first check out the list of framaroot supported devices.

How to Root Android with Framaroot

  • Download, Install and open Framaroot app in your Phone.


  • Select exploit from list which your phone supports. If don’t know select one by one.
  • Tap on Root button and that’s it, it will show you a success message. Just reboot and your phone is get to root android phone with pc xda

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Vroot – Root without PC

vRoot is the app from which I have rooted my Micromax A30 mobile. vRoot software is a good app to root phone without PC. vRoot rooting app for pc is best app to root Chinese Android Phones and also have a look for supported device before using this app. To use this app you can refer this.

Video tutorial on vRoot Simple Rooting Guide – Full Tutorial


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Z4Root – Root without PC

It is best rooting app for the mobiles running on spectrum chipsets. Z4Root app has good user interface and it can root almost all android phones. This app comes with two types of rooting options one is temporary root and other one is permanent root.

How to Root Android with Z4Root

  • Download, install and open Z4Root app in your phone.


  • Once you open this app, you will get 2 options temporary root and permanent root.
  • Select permanent root and wait for few minutes and it will show you a success message.
  • After restart your phone is get click root android

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CF Auto Root – Root without PC

universal android root apk download

Chain Fire Auto Root app is also a nice app for rooting phone without computer. Since apps are different for different mobile which may fails sometimes while rooting. Samsung phones are easy to root with pc and that make the chainfire to stand good position for rooting samsung phones. This app is made for rooting samsung mobile phones especially.

   Chain Fire Auto Root

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Kingroot – Root without PC

Kingroot app is very similar to vRoot and contains some minor updates in it. This application is used to root mediatek chipset phones and works on almost all android devices which are running on Mediatek chipset (MKT). This app is tested on most of the MTK chipset and working fine.

How to Root Android with Kingroot

  • Download, install and open Kingroot app in your phone.


  • In the main page, you will see root option, just click on that.
  • Just wait for few minutes, it will install root app on your phone which unlock your root.
  • After reboot your phone get rooted.Android rooting method KINGROOT

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Towel Root – Root without PC

how to root android phone from phone

Towel root is also a good app for rooting phone without laptop. So let’s checkout the methods to root android phone through towel root.

How to Root Android with Towel Root

  • Download, install and open towel root app in your phone.

   Towel Root

  • After opening app you will see an option of Make it Ra1n, click on that.
  • Wait for few minutes and it will root your phone easily.

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KingoRoot – Root without PC

KingoRoot is nice app for instant rooting android phone without pc if you don’t have computer. KingoRoot is becoming very popular these days and is widely used in rooting many smartphones. You can also checkout the official tutorial on rooting android phone with kingoroot.

How to Root Android with KingoRoot App

  • Download, install and open KingoRoot app in your Phone.


  • You will get an option for One Click Root, just click on that.
  • Wait for few minutes and it will root your phone successfully.kingo root free download

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IRoot App – Root without PCroot android without computer

iRoot is best app for rooting android phone without PC. This is a great app for rooting phone within few seconds. This app supports almost all models of Samsung, Gionee, Sony, Lava Phones, etc easily. This app is based on root android with one click, which will root your phone just in one click.

   iRoot App

Thats all guys, this is the full guide on How To Root Any Android Without PC in 2 Minutes easily. If you have any query of suggestion mention it on comment section. Thanks for visiting and stay connected for more updates. Subscribe to our website to get notification of latest post and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google+ and Tumblr.

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