How to Stop Background Apps, Speed Up Your Phone & Improve Battery Backup [Free Greenify App]

Greenify App to Increase Battery Life, Stop Background apps & Speed Up Phone

Hello guys, in this article I’m going to explain that how you can increase battery life, stop background running apps and speed up your smartphone by using Greenify Android App. Greenify is an android application which works as battery saver, background app killer and phone booster for an android handset. So install this app on your phone and it will surely enhance the battery performance and boost your mobile. Checkout this post on how to take Picture of Person when they try to Unlock Your Phone and Enter Wrong Pattern or Password.

Today almost every person has its own smartphone and it plays very important role in our daily work but sometimes due to excessive use of RAM it gets slow down and make us angry for a moment. In android mobiles there are so many apps which are continuously processing in background and occupy RAM resulting in low performance or lag or slow down your device. So with help of greenify app your phone never lets your down in terms of performance and get maximum performance of your smartphone. It uses Android inbuilt task manager to kill tasks that are running in background automatically. Have a look on Spotify Premium App to Get Spotify Premium Features on Android.

What is Greenify ?

Basically, Greenify is an app designed by Oasis Feng to stop background running apps, it is first developed rooted phones only and later on it is available for both rooted and non-rooted android device. It is created to identify and stop all unnecessary app running in the background of any android phone and prevent the device from  slowing down. Checkout Most Trending Tips on How to Change Facebook Name Before 60 Days Limits.

If someone is using this app then he will never face any lags in his phone. iPhone mobiles also use same technology to increase performance of their devices, the difference is that they have inbuilt task manager which kills unnecessary running app to optimize performance of device and android devices need third party apps to do the same work in it. So if you have an android phone then download greenify now from below, to optimize performance of Android device. Have a look on How to Set Full Size Profile Picture on Whatsapp Without Cropping.

Requirements to Use Greenify App

  • Rooted or non-rooted android device. It is now available for both devices but works better in rooted phone.
  • If have non-rooted device then your device version must be Android 4.1+.
  • Xposed Framework
  • Greenify App

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Benefits of Greenify App

  • Optimize Phone performance by killing background app.
  • Increase Battery Backup of your Phone.
  • Get maximum performance of your phone.
  • Use inbuilt task killer hence better than other cleaner apps.

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Download Greenify and Greenify (Donation Package) for Free

   Greenify Apk

   Greenify (Donation Package)

   Download Greenify Pro for Free

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How to Use Greenify App to Stop Background Apps and Speed Up Phone [Non-Rooted Device]

  • Download and install Greenify app from above links.
  • After installation, open it and tap on Greenify from the given options.

Greenify App to kill Background running Apps

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  • Now you will get a new window where you see list of applications slowing down your phone and using maximum RAM space. These apps continuously run in background and consuming battery.

Greenify App to Optimize Android Phone

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  • By default it shows only few apps which are using more RAM and heavily draining your phone’s battery. Tap on menu button and select show all.

Greenify App to Boost up speed of Android Smartphone

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  • After that, select all unnecessary apps on by one which you don’t use and running in the background, except some important system apps which need to run in background like Screen Locker, Launcher, System UI, etc. and tick the check box on top right.

Greenify App to increase battery life

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  • Now you will get a message for Manual Hibernation. Here tap on Enable Automatic Hibernation.

Greenify Xposed Battery Saver App

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  • After that it will ask you to activate it from accessibility, just turn it on.

Greenify APK for Non-rooted Android Phone

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  • Now you will receive a confirmation dialogue box to use greenify, just tap on OK and you are ready to use Greenify on your Mobile.Greenify Pro Automatic Hibernation App

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  • Now go to widgets section and add Greenify Hibernate Now Shortcut in your Homepage. Now just by single touch it will automatically Hibernate your phone or Stop all Background running apps.

Best Task killer App Greenify

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Note:- This is all for  using Greenify on non-rooted Android Phones. You don’t need Greenify Pro or Greenify (Donation Package) for non-rooted android phones. If you have rooted android device then only go for one of them otherwise simply use Greenify.

How to Use Greenify Pro in Rooted Android Phone

If you have non-rooted android phone then follow above instruction to use greenify on your smartphone. But if you have rooted android phone then it is great because this app is specially designed for rooted phone and it work faster in it. So just checkout the instruction given below to use Greenify on rooted device. Must read Best Fitness Apps For Workout on Android 2018 to get a fit slim and toned body shape.

  • First of all install Xposed Framework in your device if you don’t have it.

install xposed framework your mobile to use Greenify

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  • Now Download and Install Greenify Pro or Greenify (Donation Package) from above.
  • After that Open Xposed Installer, go to Modules and tap on check box of Greenify.
  • Now restart your phone normally, and Greenify is Installed successfully in your Rooted Android Device.

 Free RAM via Greenify Android Xposed Installer

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  • After restart just follow the on-screen instruction just like the instruction mentioned on non-rooted phone section, to hibernate apps in greenify and here you can also hibernate some system apps with Greenify (Donation Package)

That’s all guys, this is the way to use Greenify in your rooted and non-rooted android phones to optimize your phone’s performance and increase battery life. If you have any query or suggestions, do mention it on comment section below. Thanks for visiting and stay connected for more updates. Subscribe to our website to get notification of latest post and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google+ and Tumblr.

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