How To Change IMEI Number Of Any Android Device

How to change IMEI Number in Any Android Phone

How To Change IMEI Number on Android : Hello guys, today I’m going to share best way to Change Android IMEI Number. Are you looking for the same? If Yes, then you’re at right place. Yeah!! In this article I’ll guide you for How to Change IMEI Number in any android device with rooted or non-rooted mobile. Also checkout How to Bypass Xfinity Hotspot WiFi Username and Password and Hack Facebook Account in Minutes.

Changing of IMEI Number is not a legal thing because IMEI Number is that unique number which help cyber police to trace the mobile in case of stolen or doing any illegal activities. But sometimes hackers also use this IMEI Number to trace your device. So, if you want to protect yourself from getting being traced by them then you can Change Your Android IMEI Number by following this guide. Must have a look on How to Change Android ID in Rooted and Non-Rooted Devices.

What is IMEI Number?

What is IMEI Number?

The International Mobile Equipment Identity or IMEI is a unique number assigned to identify every mobile phones as well as some satellite phones. IMEI Number is usually found printed inside the battery compartment of the phone in removable battery type phones and on the back of phones in non-removable battery type phones. You can also get these numbers printed on phone’s box package, but can also be displayed on-scree by entering *#06# on the dialpad and in the settings menu “About Phone” section in some smartphones. Checkout How to Flash Custom ROM in Any Android Device.

Cellular network use the IMEI Number to identify valid device, and can stop a stolen or lost phone from accessing the network. Also you can contact the network provider use the IMEI Number to blacklist the phone. So, the phone become useless on that network and sometime on other networks, even if the thief changes the phone’s SIM. Have a look on How to Dual Boot Multiple ROMs on Android Phone.

Important LAWs related to IMEI Number

  • In the United Kingdom, under the Mobile Telephones (Re-Programming) Act, changing the IMEI of a phone, or having any equipment that can change it, is considered an illegal offense under some circumstances.
  • In the United States, changing the IMEI of a phone is not illegal. A bill was proposed to Congress by Senator Chuck Schumer in §3186 of the 112th Congress in  2012but has not been approved.
  • The network operator is expected to blacklist the IMEI by the law in the operator’s jurisdiction, if asked by owner in case of phone gets stolen or lost.

Note : Law Enforcement and Intelligence Services can use an IMEI Number as input for tracking devices that are able to locate a cell phone with an accuracy of a few meters. So, any kind of change in IMEI Number is considered as illegal activity. Hence misuse of IMEI Number Changing may result in illegal offense or imprisonment.

How To Check IMEI Number of Android Phone

To know your IMEI Number you can check it through these two basic methods with pretty ease

Method-1: Check IMEI Using the Dialpad of Your Smartphone

  • Open dialpad of your smartphone.
  • Dail *#06# and you’ll get your IMEI Number of your Android Phone on screen.

How to Check IMEI Number

Method-2: Check IMEI Using the Smartphone Battery Compartment

If you’ve a smartphone with removable battery then remove the back cover and get battery removed thereafter you’ll find the IMEI Number of the device inside the battery compartment itself.

Check IMEI Number

In case, your smartphone doesn’t have removable battery compartment then either you can get the IMEI from the box of the smartphone or from the avoid method using dialpad of smartphone.

How to Change IMEI Number on Android?

Basically changing the IMEI Number of Android devices is not a tough job but it might be dangerous because you might lost identity of your android device. So, before you change the IMEI Number your device I suggest you to check your IMEI Number and note it down.

How to Change IMEI Number Without Root on Any Android Device?

  • First of all, open dialpad of your android phone and dial *#*#3646633#*#* or *#7465625# to open Engineer Mode.Change IMEI without Root
  • Now, go to Connectivity tab and tap on CDS Information option.Change IMEI Number
  • Under CDS Information tab, tap on Radio Information.Android IMEI Changer
  • Now, if you’ve dual sim supported android phone then you’ll find two IMEI options like IMEI_1[SIM1] and IMEI_2[SIM2]. Select the one which you want to change IMEI Number.
  • Now, you can change your IMEI Number with simple command given below:

AT +EGMR=1,7,”IMEI_1” for SIM1 and AT +EGMR=1,10,”IMEI_2″ for SIM2Change Android IMEI Number

  • Just replace IMEI_1 or IMEI_2 with your desired 15 digit number and click on SEND to change IMEI Number of Android easily.

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Change IMEI Number on MediaTek (MTK) Devices Without Root

  • First of all, Download Mobile Uncle MTK Tool App from below.

Mobile Uncle MTK Tool Apk | Mobile Uncle Apk [Mirror]

  • Install the Mobile Uncle App and Open it. Now select Engineer Mode option.
  • Once you reach Engineer Mode option just follow the above method steps from second point.

Requirements for Change IMEI Number in Rooted Android Phone

How to Change IMEI Number on Android Device with Root?

  • Open Xposed Installer app on your device and select IMEI Changer app.
  • Now reboot your Android device.
  • After reboot, open IMEI Changer App, it will show you Real IMEI Number in Current IMEI No. option.Android IMEI Changer Tool
  • Now, change your IMEI Number by entering desired IMEI number into New IMEI No. field and click on Apply button.
  • Now, reboot your device and check your IMEI Number and your IMEI Number will be changed.How to Change IMEI Number

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Final Words

That’s all about How to Change IMEI Number of Android Device. By using the above given instructions you can easily Change IMEI Number of any Android Device. In case you face any issue while changing IMEI Number of your Device, leave the comment below and I’ll try to resolve your issue asap. Thanks for visiting and stay connected for more updates. Subscribe to our Website for Notification of New Posts Published on the website.

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