How to Set Full Size Profile Picture on Whatsapp Without Cropping (DP Without Crop)

WhatsApp Profile Picture Without Cropping

WhatsApp Profile Picture Without Cropping:

Most of the people when set their WhatsApp Profile Picture in cropped way, in which sometimes important part is get cropped from your picture. This is very massive thing when your important part of DP is gets cut due to square shape restriction in WhatsApp. After reading this post you will never miss your important part of Profile Picture and will be able to set a full size profile picture as your WhatsApp DP. This method is 100% safer, easy and fastest way to make a full size WhatsApp Profile Picture without Cropping.

How to Set WhatsApp Full Size Profile Picture Without Cropping:

Now a days WhatsApp is most trending and highly used chat messaging app. Peoples want to add profile picture on WhatsApp DP without cropping but it will crop some important so other people can’t be able see your full images because it gets cut during setting it due to its square size restriction on WhatsApp Profile Pics.  So in this post I’m going to show the best way to set WhatsApp Profile Picture Without Crop. There are so many Apps available to Set WhatsApp DP without Cropping.

About WhatsApp APK Cropped DP:

As you all know that WhatsApp is most popular among all chat messaging app since it launched. We all get crazy for WhatsApp day by day due to its great user interface and development. It is best app for Chatting, Video Sharing, Audio Sharing, Images Sharing, Video Calling and Audio Calling as well and user always want to connect with each other instantly through WhatsApp. You can simply Set full Size Profile Picture Without Cropping in WhatsApp with the help of Square Droid App in few seconds.

Have a look on:-

How to Set WhatsApp Profile Picture Without Cropping Your Picture:

#1 Square Droid APK:


Guys just follow some easy steps given below to Set WhatsApp Profile Picture Without Cropping It. By using Squaredroid app, you will be able to enjoy setting any picture as your WhatsApp Dp and one more thing you don’t worry about your WhatsApp Display Picture crop system in WhatsApp because this simple app will help you to resize your picture in Squared Shape as required in WhatsApp App. Now enjoy your moments completely without cropping your Profile Picture.

  • First of all download and Install SquareDroid from here SquareDroid
  • After successful installation, simply open the app SquareDroid.


  • Now Pick a Photo you want to edit and set as WhatsApp DP.

Select a picture on SquareDroid

  • Save your Picture in Square shape without cropping it.

Save your Picture without Cropping

  • Now open WhatsApp and change your DP without cropping it.

Save your WhatsApp Profile Picture Without Cropping

  • Finally you are successfully set your WhatsApp Profile Picture without Crop.

WhatsApp DP without Crop

#2 No Crop for WhatsApp:

Guys you can you No Crop for WhatsApp APK instead of squaredroid to save your WhatsApp DP without Cropping. But this app is not very much famous as SquareDroid and it can also help you to set your Profile Picture Without Cropping. This app is very useful to set square size DP in WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. This app provide you more features with the ability to set Blur Effect on Border and some other different type of amazing effects on Pictures or on Space.

How to Put Dp Without Crop

Download No Crop for WhatsApp

#3 WhatsCrop


Friends WhatsCrop is also another good app for setting the Display Picture on WhatsApp Without Cropping. WhatsCrop is having good google rating on Google Play Store of 4.4 which means it is also very popular app. WhatsCrop application automatically Adjust the Profile Picture of your WhatsApp Account without losing any portion of image. You can also have a circle outline to judge your actual display WhatsApp Dp.

How to Set DP Without Crop

Download WhatsCrop

That’s all guy, now enjoy your Full Size WhatsApp Profile Picture without Cropping it and never lost your important moments or never share your incomplete picture on WhatsApp. Thanks for visiting and stay connected for more updates.

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