How to Increase Likes On Facebook Page for Free

How to increase facebook likes

Since Facebook is one of the most popular social networking platform and now a days Facebook tricks are trending most. These days How to increase Facebook Page Likes for Free is searched widely. People do search for boost Facebook Page Likes automatically for free on various search engines and get different ways to increase their Facebook page likes. After lots of searches and reading different blog, I summarize them all and got some awesome ways to Increase Facebook likes easy and quickly. So today I’m going to share awesome working tricks to increase Facebook Likes for free and rapidly. Want to know How to Create Unlimited Facebook Accounts Without Mobile Numbers then checkout this post.

Social media plays important role in today’s digital era is seemingly interesting. Peoples use social media site like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, etc. for various purposes. Most of the peoples uses these social media sites for sharing their blogs and getting views, likes and a good amount of traffic from their, but most the people never know how to share and increase liking on social sites like Facebook. Each SEO and campaign manager go through a pain-stacking process of analysis and implementation techniques to see whether their strategy is working and giving the desired result or not. So I’m here to explain you the important trick on increasing Likes on Facebook Page faster. Also checkout how to change name on Facebook before 60 days limitation.

How to Increase Likes on Facebook Page ?

It is very simple and easy, if you know correctly that how to do it. Seriously, if you read this post and follow the instructions mentioned below then you get variety of tactics and will provide a genuine results. If you go for online search, you get variety tactics their too but all of them work and provide genuine result is not sure.

Social media and social networking is every where and conquered the entire world today. It may be for social use, personal use or professional use, social media has huge impact over internet. Specially, Facebook Drive lots of traffic and attention of peoples to any publicity, post, blog, links or websites if it is promoted properly. To so first of all you need to create a Facebook Page for your content or niche to publicize your Website, Business, Product or Anything else that requires marketing and publicity. It is very importantĀ  to know how to promote your page. In order to sale something and earn money through Facebook publicity, it is necessary to get more and more likes on your page, so that more people can see the page and you should get more benefits. As the number of likes increases, followers of your page will increase and your page is visible to more peoples. This also helps in developing trust in your page and thus result in more publicity and likes. Have a look on How to Make Single Name ID on Facebook Account.

Making page is an easy task but spreading it and getting likes is a little difficult. But here you get different methods with which you can increase the likes of your Facebook Page and get publicity. These are some amazing tips by which you can increase Facebook Likes on your Page and attract visitors to your Facebook Page. Must read the best way to Share/Send/Post a Blocked URL on Facebook.

Updating Facebook Page:

The most important thing is to update your Facebook Page regularly to increase your Facebook Page likes. Basically, each time you update your Facebook Page, your fans or visitor gets fresh content to see hence result in promotion of your content with other s in their friend and finally your Page Likes get increases. Creating a correct and original content niche increases the number of likes. It is all about making people aware of your page content and attracting their attention on your page. In case if you unable to update your page any day then try to schedule the post for that day.

Sharing Something Different and New:

The best way to increase Facebook Page Likes is to post something different to others and something new which is quite interesting. It will really going to help you to getting attentions of people on your page and likes on your page. Human mind is intriguing and is always searching for some new knowledge and information. Sharing new content on your page will attract people and it would simply boost the likes automatically. Writting contents with some snaps will also boost your page likes.

Use Giveaways and Organize Contests:

Peoples get attracted by giveaways and organize contests. Followers who liked your page will get excited with free giveaways and they invites their friends to take part in your contests. These will definitely increase your page likes and attract huge traffic towards your page. To check the eligibility of peoples and genuineness, you can also add some terms and conditions to make participation in the contests or include some activity for qualifying for contests and free giveaways. This method helps in increasing Facebook Page Likes in huge quantity. By having contests in some duration you can increase likes every week or every months.

Choose The Perfect Time to Share:

perfect time to share

Choosing the perfect time to share means selecting a particular timeĀ  to share content on your page at which your page traffic is high, which result in more attraction and more shares, finally result in increase in likes. You can share live updates and feeds at various time schedules at which visitors are more. Try to share at least a post daily. One thing the more you post content on your page, more is the visitors of that contents.


Invite Friends on Facebook Page

One of the most important and basic step on increasing Facebook Page Likes is inviting your friends first. Yes! this is the most useful and easy way to do and increase likes. With a single click on Invite Friends , you can simply poke and send them an invitation of your Facebook Page. You can increase good amount of Facebook Likes with this method within few hours.

Post Valuable Contents:

post valuable content

Another important thing is whatever content you are posting is unique, original and useful. If you post some obsolete content which is not useful the it might distract your followers and they may get disinterested in following you further. If you don’t have something to share with your visitors then it is not necessary to annoying them with unnecessary content or stuff. This will not increase you Facebook Likes but may result in some dislikes. Go online and search for useful content and information which you think is helpful for your visitors. This step will make them happy that you posted something useful to them. Try this when you don’t have anything to share and see the result.

Create at least 2 Pages:

create at least 2 pages

I think you are heard of this method and there is nothing to worry about this. This method is as simple as its name. This method came into my mind when I saw Glen of, their is Facebook guide of 1000 dollars, he mentioned in his 2 Facebook Pages with same topics and same contents and update page regularly at same time and get a large number of Page view and likes on his Facebook Page.

Adding Social Like Buttons on Your Website:

increase facebook page likes

Having Like or Follow Us buttons on your website is a good thing and it helps a lot to get likes directly from your Web Page to your Facebook Page. With help of these buttons you get some likes every day by your visitors of website who came from google search, direct search or organic search.

Use Images and Memes:

use images memes to increase likes

Using images and memes on your Facebook Page will result in enhancement of your page. Peoples gets attracted to images earlier then after reading the content of post. Peoples who not have much interest in reading, at time gets interested to read if it is explained with beautiful images or memes or any visual content. Photos must be relevant to your content which keep the focus of reader on the content. By this method you will increase likes on Facebook page by mare than any other method. Not only that you will definitely receive more click on your page.

Join Facebook Groups Related to Your Page:

This is one of the best tactics for increasing Facebook Page Likes. In this method you have to find Facebook group related to your page or niche and join them. Remember join groups having more group members first. You can even share your post to that group directly to get likes from members of that group. These will help you to engage members of that group to your page and help to increase likes on your Facebook Page.

Use Facebook Ads to Get More Likes:

facebook ads to increase likes

As we all know that advertisement is best way to get more and more traffic and with help of it you can reach millions of people within a minute. Same method can be applied on Facebook, they are likely to engage Ads in between. Promote your page at reasonable price and increase Facebook Page. Use some of the catchy images and text content and publish your Ads in the right audience.

Follow It:

  • Invite You Fans for Like your Page
  • Always share Picture and Status Both
  • Always share something new
  • Always share Tow or Three Times
  • Always Update your fan page
  • Use HD Image for share on Page
  • Always share about latest Interest
  • You can add your Page in your Blog
  • Ping your page in your Facebook Group

That’s all guys, the above mentioned tactics will definitively help you to boost up and increase your Facebook Page Likes quickly. If you have any query mention it on comment section below. Thanks for visiting and stay connected for more updates.

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