How to Post in Multiple Facebook Groups at Once for Free (No Script Required)

How to Post in Multiple Facebook Groups at Once

Hello guys, today I’m going to share one of the most trending Facebook Trick i.e., How to Post in Multiple Facebook Groups at Once for Free. Facebook is the most popular social networking site and most of the peoples like to share their posts, links, articles, etc on it. Most of the bloggers also use Facebook for their site link sharing and promotion, so this trick will help you to post a link or content on different groups at once by Facebook Multiple Group Poster. It can post in all Facebook group at once without using any script. You may like how to Create Unlimited Facebook Accounts Without Mobile Numbers.

Facebook Multi Group Poster is the best way to post a content in all Facebook groups by one click, it reduces your effort and time. According to my point of view, it is the best FB Multi Group Poster Tool through which you will be able to post in your all groups at once. You don’t need to go through all the groups separately to post the same thing in those groups. If you want to post the same content in all groups you can just use Facebook Unlimited Group Poster Tool to post at once in all group by just a click. Facebook Group Poster is a tool designed as chrome extension, it is an automated tool for facebook users which helps to do multiple tasks at once. You can simply use this tool to past in all Facebook Group in one click. Have look on trick to Increase Likes On Facebook Page for Free.

How to Post in Multiple Facebook Groups at Once

If you want to post a content in all groups at once just follow the instruction given below and you will be able to post in all Facebook group at once in one click without any trouble.

Ai Poster - Facebook Multiple Group Poster Tools


  • After Sign Up, Login to your Ai Poster Account.
  • Now go to Settings from Top Bar and then go to Facebook Accounts.
  • Post in Multiple Facebook Group Account at OnceAfter that click on Add/Update Facebook Account and make sure you are logged in with your Facebook Account in your browser.

Facebook Multi Group Poster Tools

  • Now click on Authenticate the App, Allow Permission to our app.

Group Poster Tools for Facebook

  • Before posting and while allowing permissions, Make sure to set post visible to Public otherwise this site doesn’t work for auto post.

Different Group Poster for Facebook

  • After permission, simple close the tab and go to Get app access token.
  • Here you see your Access Token, Copy it.

Access All FAcebook Group to Post

  • Now paste the Access Token below in the text field and click on Add Facebook Account and the Close it.
  • After that go to Homepage and there you see all of your Facebook Groups in list. Here select group lists one by one if you wanted to post on selected group otherwise select all by clicking Node Name to post in all Group.

FB Group Poster Tools

  • Now add your Post message content or link or image or videos you want to post in Multiple Facebook Groups at once.

Post Image to Different Facebook Groups at Once

  • After adding your content click on Send Now to post the entered content to different Facebook Groups at same time and you can save it to use it  later.
  • You can schedule the post for sending all messages to groups at a certain time.

Note:- Remember one thing, you have to keep opened the tab for the post in all groups. If you close it in between, it will Stop posting the content in groups.

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Alternate Method to Post in Multiple Facebook Groups at Once Using Facebook Social Toolkit

Benefits of Facebook Social Toolkit

  • Working fine on chrome using chrome extension, No script required.
  • It is use to do multiple task at once using FST.
  • No risk of Facebook ID ban because it is the Toolkit for Facebook.
  • Easiest and Fastest way to post in all facebook group at once.
  • Instant posting after a click.

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Steps to Share A Post in Multiple FAcebook groups at once using fst

  • Download and Install Facebook Social Toolkit Premium Version in your Google Chrome.
  • After installation, open new tab on your google chrome and click on FST button and Select Facebook Social Toolkit for Facebook Account.

Facebook Social Toolkit Premium for Posting in Multiple Groups

  • Open Facebook login with your ID and again click on FST icon and go to Post on Multiple Group at Once (Graph API Explorer).

Post on Multiple Groups At Once (Graph API Explorer)

  • Now you see the option to enter your message content and Enter link to post. Also in how much group you want to post this message and Enter Delay Time as 60 seconds in the Delay section, to avoid risk of spam or being caught as robot posting and risk of Facebook account blocking.

Message all Facebook Group Friends At Once

  • After that just click on Post on Groups! button and you are done. It start posting one by one in all groups in given time delay automatically.

Note:- Remember one thing, you have to keep opened your chrome until it post in all groups. If you close it in between, it will Stop posting the messages in groups.

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That’s all guys, using this steps you will be able to post or convey your message in all facebook group at once in one click without visiting all groups one by one. If you have any query of suggestion mention it on comment section. Thanks for visiting and stay connected for more updates. Subscribe to our website to get notification of latest post and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google+ and Tumblr.

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