7 Reasons Why Hiring Professional Blog Writers Is Totally Worth It

First off, it is no longer 2009 and not only is a great blog necessary in this day and age for online businesses, it is mandatory! Yes, Google wants your website to put out more quality content at an even higher pace.

The word out now in 2018 soon to be 2019, is that your business blog should be publishing 16 articles a month by Google’s standards. That is 4 blog articles a week! Not only is this quite a bit of content to produce, but the quality of content really has to be written well for your readers, and soon to be converting customers.

Google’s Rankbrain is really focused on human behavior, and this comes into play big time for having well rounded professionally written blog articles focused purely on user intent.

The visitors that land on your business website are looking to be educated on your products and services. This is where the quality of your blog can really shine, teach, and give them the information they need!

Your readers want a high sense of trust and proof that they can feel comfortable enough to go ahead and make that purchase or call for that service like Plagiarism Checker.

Professional Blog Writers know and understand this! They also have a vast experience and knowledge on:

  • Content Strategies
  • Content Marketing
  • Content Calendars
  • Awesome lead generation
  • Writing naturally, fluid, and with personality
  • SEO – contextual keywords for content and links

If you are asking yourself about any of these blogging practices…then please, read on!

Factor Which Add Credibility to a Blog

7 Reasons Your Business Should Work with Professional Blog Writers

Professional blog writers have been on the blogging scene for years. They have read thousands of articles, and have written and published hundreds themselves. Many don’t have a formal education or Masters degree in English & Writing, but what they do have…

The ‘knack for Online Marketing’!

Just this one skill, really separates an awesome blog writer from your run of the mill freelance writer.

#1. Professional Blog Writers Speak the Language of Your Audience

As I previously mentioned, the professional blog writer has been blogging for years. They speak, eat, sleep and most importantly – write in the blog language.

It’s really awesome that you know your business services and products like nobody else. But, can you convey this to your online readers naturally and quickly in a language they understand?

You have very little time to capture your audience’s interest and keep them from bouncing off your web page. They don’t want to read a bunch of jumbled up technical jargon about your products and services.

An awesome professional blog writer knows this and will write, inform and speak to your customers as if they were having a conversation at a coffee shop.

#2. A Professional Blogger Just Writes Better

If you have been reading up to this point, then you are already informed on the number of factors that fall into an experienced professional blog writer.

As a content and blog writer myself, I don’t even get close to starting on a blog article until:

  • I have researched and read all the information on a product or service that is the focus for the blog article
  • Have done thorough research on a business-related blog topic (as in actually reading at least 5 great articles all the way through – taking notes)
  • Have created a very thorough outline with readability, formatting and topic focus in mind
  • Collected all my assets: images, video, podcasts etc.
  • And have all of my main keywords and phrases ready to integrate into the content

When I take these steps and follow this system, my writing comes out naturally and covers all the bases for a professionally written blog article!

#3. Professional Blog Writers Can Save Your Business Lots of Money

This is a true story:
Years back, when I started my Web Design/SEO business, which is now a top Portland SEO Company, I decided to be an extreme cheap-skate and get on Upwork to find low budget writers for my business blog. Wow! What a nightmare!

I hired some writers and was paying $20-$30 per article, and the results were…VERY BAD! I spent hours on editing, making the headlines SEO friendly, integrating keywords, and just making these barely acceptable to publish on my blog.

Weeks later, I took them all off and decided that I had to learn how to write quality and professional blog articles for my business.

I lost a ton of money and time (which is money) on this experiment!

Great professional blog writers ask for the big bucks, and you know what? They deserve every penny!

When your business starts to generate tons of leads, your conversion rate is off the charts, and your articles are bringing in awesome natural back links, then the ROI (Return on Investment) becomes plain as day.

In the blog article business, you really get what you pay for!

#4. Pro Blog Writers Are Experts in SEO

This is absolutely true! Ironically, many others and myself included, started out as SEO Professionals, before really understanding how important content and blog articles are for optimal SEO results.

The majority of your organic SEO comes from engaging, trustworthy, unique, and niche related blog content!

A great keyword research analysis is the very beginning. Then, adding these keywords to your blog content naturally comes next. This comes in the form of great headings as well as keyword contextual links (which Google really loves).

You then look into marketing your articles via blogging, social media and other various forms of content marketing. Don’t forget about ranking your articles in the SERPs (search engine results page)!

So, when interviewing a professional blog writer, be well versed on all of these crucial SEO practices. Ask for published client and contributor articles, the proof in the analytics, and the proof of the high search engine results.

#5. Working with Professional Blog Writer Will Free Up Lots of Your Time

Many business owners think writing blog articles is easy and they can just do it themselves. They end up discovering how time consuming it can be just to write a 500-800 word article. This is an article that will likely have no real value for the customer and for the search engines.

Boom! There goes 2-3 hours of their time for an article that won’t interest their readers (soon to be lost customers), and show up nowhere on Google.

Do yourself a favor and use your time wisely. Focus on your products, services, and customer relations.

Hire a great Professional blog writer from a reputable web design company that will free up your time for other important business tasks at hand. You will not only save yourself some time, money and headaches, but your business will benefit financially. Trust me on this one!

#6. They will Help Keep Your Content Calendar Totally on Track

A crazy statistic from HubSpot: companies that are blogging 16+ times a month generate 3.5X more traffic than those companies that only blog 0-4 times a month.

Impact of Monthly Blog Posts on Inbound Traffic

This may be excessive, but the only real way to find out what works is to have your pro blogger write a certain number of articles a week. Professional blog writers are well versed in SEO and analytics as we have mentioned.

Once they analyze the weekly results of human and traffic behavior numbers, they have a great idea of the optimal Content Calendar. They can give you feedback on what is working, and how many quality articles should be written per week, based on your traffic goals.

#7. Pros Can and will Help You with Your Content Strategy

Not quite sure why I saved this for last, as this is the most important tool for your business blog. But very glad to be mentioning this now!

Many online businesses create a blog for the sake of…creating a blog? They heard that Google wants you to write tons of content, so they end up putting out…tons a bad content that does not link logically and missing the overall content strategy!

Your blog needs to have an awesome content strategy or it becomes a big mess in the eyes of Google. The whole purpose for your blog is for excellent SEO results, lead generation, and great inbound marketing results.

A professional blog writer should and will suggest creating a content strategy right off the bat. If your business blog is already set up, some things might have to change. But luckily, everything can be repaired and updated in time.

An awesome blog writing pro will:

  • Do a very thorough keyword research for what you want your business to rank well for in the SERPs
  • They will develop a strategy for creating Cornerstone Content articles (your main service/product articles) that link to several sub topics
  • Then coming up with sub topic articles and linking these to their perspective Cornerstone articles
  • Keeping all keywords, phrases, and long tail keywords in mind for each of the article written

Wrapping it up…

Do yourself a huge favor and avoid the headaches, time and money that will be lost, when you hire inexpensive freelance writers for your blog articles.

I told you my personal story and a nightmare it was! I have learned a lot since then, and I now know what it takes to be a professional blog article writer. This is seriously, one of those services you really want to invest in.

There is no way around it. You really get what you pay for in the blog article writing world!

Brad Lindsey

I am the founder of designatude.com a Portland, Oregon Web Design/SEO Company. I have a passion for blogging about all things relating to the digital marketing world. I spend my free time escaping to the woods, picking mushrooms and drinking great coffee!


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