How to buy hosting for WordPress Blog with Free Domain

Web Hosting With A Free Domain Name

After having a complete understanding of and, next thing is to buy a Domain Name and fast WordPress Hosting. You should buy them separately from two different sites or together from same site or you can go for that site which provide WordPress Hosting with a Free Domain Name, one of them is Bluehost. It provides a web hosting with one free domain name. It not only help to save your money but it will also allow you to manage everything in from one account at once.

This post is a part of a series post named “Start A Blog“, which contains following parts:

  1. vs. Which Platform is used to Blog
  2. How to buy hosting for WordPress Blog
  3. How to create a WordPress blog
  4. Essential settings after installing WordPress
  5. How to install WordPress plugin
  6. How to install WordPress theme

Guide to Buy a Web Hosting with a Free Domain Name:

To begin the process, first go to and click on get started now.

Get Started with Web Hosting

When you click on get started now, you will see three different packages to choose. You can select a suitable plan according to your need.

Bluehost Plans

If you are going to run a single domain/site go for Basic Plan, if you want to run more than one site then select Plus Plan, and if you need SSL & Dedicated I.P. address then choose Prime Plan. Unless you have a requirement of SSL & Dedicated I.P. don’t go for Prime Plan. I recommend you to buy buy the Plus Plan, even if you are going to host single site because with Plus Plan you can host unlimited website whenever you need in future.

Now click on “Select” of Plan you are going to select.

Note:- Please have a attention the above given link is a Promotional Link, it have Big Discount on all plans and this discount is only available for the new user and first bill, so I suggest you to buy a plan of 2-3 years instead of one year to save more money.

1. Select a new Domain or Use your existing Domain Name:

After selection of plan, you have to either choose a New Free Domain Name or enter your Existing Domain Name.

Free Domain Name

If you have Selected Plus Plan or Prime Plan, I suggest you to select a new domain name so that you can use it later in future if you don’t required now. You can also choose your free domain name at a later point if you not going to take now but at that time you have to contact Bluehost customer service team for the help.

If you are going to select an existing domain name then you have to change the nameservers of your domain registrar to:


If you don’t want to get involved into these, then simply go for New Domain and everything will be get activated with the web hosting itself.

Now click on “Next“, the remaining steps are very easy.

2. Enter Your Account Details:

Create Your Account

Enter the required details, make sure you will provide your details properly especially your email because login and hosting information will be sent to the email you provide here.

3. Select The Right Package:

This part is very important and you should pay more attention over their to make sure that you are not overcharged for any add-ons that you don’t need. Choose your hosting package 2-3 years terms to save your money because you see as the tenure increases, price get decreases.

Package Information

Be sure to deselect all the options Site Backup Pro & Sitelock Security you doesn’t need them.

4. Complete Your Hosting Purchase:

Before you make your payment, I recommend you to scroll up and verify all the information once again.

Hosting Payment Confirmation

After making payment, you will see another sales page, ignore all this. Go to Complete at the end of the page.

Complete Webhosting Order

Now you will see a confirmation of your hosting purchase and you will see a screen like the image given below.

Hosting Purchase Confirmed

Click on “Create your Password“.

5. Select A Password:

This is the last step of your domain and web hosting purchase. You can either choose a password or use a password generator to create a strong password which you have to remind.

Hosting Password Generator

6. Login into Your Web Hosting cPanel:

Check your email inbox and you will find a confirmation email from Bluehost with all of the login information for your web hosting account.

WordPress Webhosting Bought-

Now go to Bluehost site and Login. In the login field type your domain name or username and password you have chosen or generated and click Submit.

Bluehost Login

You will now be inside of your Bluehost cPanel.

Bluehost cPanel

That’s all guys, Congratulations! You have just purchased your domain name and web hosting. Now set up your WordPress and start writing. Thanks for visiting and stay connected for more updates.

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