Top 50 Ways to Boost Google Adsense Revenue

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is best advertising program, even after some of the other adsense alternative. No one knows clearly that what Google Adsense pays. I’m using Adsense from Jan 2017 and being observing and playing with Adsense to increase my Google Adsense Earning. You may like Best Free Dating Apps for Android & iOS Mobiles.

Increase Adsense Revenue

Google Adsense offers different options like section targeting, low paying Ad removal, blacklist Ad and many more which helps any Adsense blogger to get a significant boost to their Adsense Earnings and must see the list of top 100 Ping Submission Sites of 2017 For Faster Indexing


Adsense Earning

Tips for Google Adsense Revenue Increment:

I started using Adsense from Jan 2017, after that I searched many blogs and tutorials in last month to increase Adsense Income and after study & implementation of some of the best practices, I’m going to discuss some of them with you, which a new blogger can follow to increase its Google Adsense Revenue. Must see most trending Facebook Tricks and WhatsApp Tricks.

Although, Adsense doesn’t the same work for all. So I suggest to keep experimenting and follow the one which gives you better result. Like many bloggers suggest to have only text based Ads but I suggest to use text + image Ads both, as image ads pays for PPV [Pay Per View] and you have more ad options to post. Must read Best Fitness Apps For Workout on Android 2017 to get a fit slim and toned body shape.

List of Top 50 Ways to Boost Adsense Earning:

  1. Follow the Adsense rules strictly.
  2. Select high paying Niche for your blog and website.
  3. Find related Keywords using Keyword Planner.
  4. Use multiple Keywords in your blog to make it Keyword rich blog.
  5. Check Keyword density for your selected Keywords.
  6. Place Ads on the top of the Page.
  7. Use text and image Ads both.
  8. Use the non-standard type of Ads.
  9. Choose correct Adsense format for your blog.
  10. Use Adsense for search.
  11. Select multiple Ad units.
  12. Customize the color of your Ads to match your website palette.
  13. Use multiple Adsense palettes.
  14. Use horizontal link units like navbar, above post.
  15. Do experiments with positioning of Ads occasionally.
  16. Select right Ad placement.
  17. Remove borders and margins on the Ads.
  18. Convert low paying Ad units into image Ads only.
  19. Use Google Adwords to promote your site.
  20. Minimize total number of out going links on the page.
  21. Create multiple Ad banner for your blog.
  22. Use all available Adsense features.
  23. Select right Ads for your content.
  24. Make sure your Ads are visible on page.
  25. Use section targeting Ads.
  26. Your link unit should be in the hot spot where they can be easily visible to visitors.
  27. Get targeted traffic for your blog.
  28. Attract traffic to your blogs by using SEO & backlinks.
  29. Use Adwords tools to enhance your website.
  30. Use Adsense channels to track your website performance.
  31. Made for Adsense websites should be avoided.
  32. Always keep track of your blogs Ad.
  33. Block low paying advertisers by using Competitive Filters.
  34. Don’t over-block any Ads.
  35. Use Adsense preview tool to view Ads.
  36. Ads should be placed on the top of the content for short articles.
  37. Ads should be placed on the middle of the content for long articles.
  38. Common blog words should be avoided.
  39. Don’t select Google Adsense as secondary ad option.
  40. Publish fresh content daily if possible.
  41. Sign Up on HUB PAGES and use your same Adsense account.
  42. Register on DOCSTOC and upload files using your same Adsense account.
  43. Register on BUKISA and use your same Adsense account.
  44. Make & use Revenue sharing websites.
  45. Join YouTube Partners.
  46. Create your YouTube channel and upload videos of your blogs.
  47. Avoid Public Service Ads.
  48. Sponsored Ads titles in widgets should be avoided.
  49. Always write a SEO friendly contents on your blogs.
  50. Make good readable blogs.

I think this list should help you to Boost your Google Adsense Income and one thing, which I suggest to new blogger who are starting Adsense, first learn about basics of Adsense, terms like CPC, ROI and custom channel, which will help you to understand its performance and to track that which page & Keyword is doing well for you. Checkout Most Trending Tips on How to Change Facebook Name Before 60 Days Limits.

That’s it guys, this is the list of 50 tips to increase your Adsense revenue. Their are many more ways to increase your Adsense income but I think these are sufficient enough to help you to improve your earnings. If you have any other effective way other than these to boost Adsense earning then write it on comment section. Thanks for visiting and stay connected for more updates.

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