How to install WordPress plugin

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Way to Install WordPree Plugins

WordPress is a full fledged Content Management System (CMS) and there are a couple of technical things to know about WordPress when you start using it. Installing WordPress Plugins is one thing that every newbie blogger should know how to do. Technically, there are  3 Different Ways to Install WordPress Plugins on your blog:

  • Search and Install
  • Upload and Install
  • FTP

For Search and Install Plugin From WordPress Dashboard:

Installing a plugin from WordPress Dashboard is the easiest way from all 3 ways. If you know the name of the plugin, then simply search it from dashboard and install it. To do so simply login into your WordPress Dashboard and go to Plugins > Add New then type the plugin name you want to search into search box on the top right like “WP Optimize” and I get the following results:

Install new WordPress plugin

You can click on More Details to see more information about that plugin. Make sure that you check that the plugin is compatible with your current version of WordPress. Also be sure to read the documentation of Plugin before installing It. To install simply click on Install now and then click on Activate Plugin to activate it on the next page.

Install WordPress plugin

Next step is to go to the setting panel of the plugin and make all the necessary changes. Most of the time, we make a mistake of installing plugins without proper configuration of them. After installation of any plugin, always be sure to configure the settings of the installed plugins.

Install WordPress Plugin Downloaded From 3rd Party Sites:

Upload New plugin

If you have downloaded a WordPress plugin from 3rd party sites somewhere then you have to upload the .zip file and then install it directly from the WordPress Dashboard. Click on Upload Plugin and browse your file to find the .zip fle. WordPress accepts only .zip file to upload and Install WordPress Plugin.

FTP Method to Install WordPress Plugin:

This is the last way to install WordPress Plugin thst is very useful when you can’t install a WordPress Plugin using it’s Dashboard. You simply download the plugin from the WordPress Plugin library, unzip it and upload it to WordPress plugin library using your FTP software. Generally, the plugin upload folder is located under wp-content/plugins.

Once you are done with uploading the file, you can simply go to the WordPress plugin folder in the WordPress dashboard and activate the plugin. This is a very useful method for those who don’t have access to installing plugins from dashboard due to server restriction.

In this FTP method, you upload the plugin using a FTP software such as FileZilla or CyberDuck. You then activate and configure it. In other two methods you search, find, install and activate them with a few simple clicks only.

That’s all guys, personally I prefer using the dashboard ‘s search and upload method to install plugins, managing WordPress Plugins is so easy all you need to go to Plugins from WordPress Dashboard and simply activate or deactivate plugins with a single click. Thanks for visiting and stay connected for more updates.

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